The Fish We Catch

Chinook (King) Salmon

Large black spots over tail and upper portion of body.

Mouth -- black
Anal rays -- 15 to 17
Color -- silvery before spawning. Dark during spawning.

Rainbow (Steelhead) Trout

Pepper-size spots radiating along the rays on the entire tail. Additional spots may or may not adorn the upper surface of the body.

Mouth -- white
Anal rays -- 10 to 12
Color -- silvery may have pinkish streak on sides
Look-alike -- Salmon species


Coho (Silver) Salmon

Small spots on upper portion of tail.

Mouth -- dark, gums whitish
Anal rays -- 13 to 15
Color -- silvery before spawning. Dark during spawning.
Look-alike -- Rainbow


Atlantic Salmon

So spots on tail. X-like spots on body. Tail forked. Pectoral fins are very dark.

Hard bony plates in tail will not compress and makes it possible to hold them by tail.

Mouth -- dark, gums whitish
Anal rays -- 9
Gill Rakers -- over 18
Tongue -- pointed with 5 or 6 small, weak teeth
Upper lip -- extends to line with rear eye
Look-alike -- Brown Trout


Brown Trout

Pectoral fins light. Tail square. Lake-run browns silvery with or without small x-shaped spots. Spots become more distinctive as fish is kept out of water and may take on a reddish hue.

Mouth -- whitish or pinkish
Anal rays -- 9 to 10
Gill Rakers -- under 18
Tongue -- squarish with 5 or more strong teeth per side
Upper lip -- extends past rear of eye
Look-alike -- Atlantic Salmon


How to find us

Turn left on M-22 at the bottom of the hill at the A & W Root Beer Drive In. Go south 1/4 of a mile and East Shore Marina is on the west side of M-22. Slo Mo Sean is berthed in slip #9.

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