Chinook Or King Salmon Fishing


King salmon caught by a fisherman

If you're into fishing, you may wish to consider fishing for the famous Chinook Salmon. Also referred to as King Salmon, the Chinook is the state fish of both Oregon and Alaska.

Named for the Chinookan people, these Salmon go by many different monikers including Chinook, King, Quinnat, Spring, and even Tyee Salmon. It's not unusual to find them just under 50 pounds, and occasionally specimens will weigh in at 100 lbs.

You'll find this famous fish in the North Pacific Ocean and the river systems of North America that range from California to Alaska and include both Washington and Oregon. They are also found in Asian rivers north of Japan to the Arctic that is Northeast of Siberia.

Interestingly, they have even been introduced in New Zealand and the Great Lakes. The Chinook is large and highly sought after by fishermen of all ages. With plenty of Omega 3 fatty acids, they are considered endangered however, they haven't yet made it to the endangered list per NOAA.

In spite of their declining population, Chinook Salmon fishing expeditions leave almost daily during their "Salmon Run" from many fishing ports with commercial fishermen and laymen alike all in search of them.

Due to overfishing and less fresh water, their habitats are slowly declining. Add to this the hydropower development across many regions and poor ocean conditions and hatchery conditions, and you have a declining population.

The Chinook will put up quite the fight, and more than one fisherman has lost their catch to the depths of the ocean or rivers after putting up a fight for an hour or more. This is an active fish that will do everything that it can to elude capture.

In spite of this, they are still highly sought after, and the meat is highly prized not only for the high source of Omega 3s but also for the delicious flavor that can only be found in the Chinook. If you're looking for the best-tasting fish, you may wish to consider a fishing expedition for some Chinook. One fish can make a meal for a huge family.

Typically, the Chinook will be found out in deeper waters, and the bait will vary according to the day. Just like we have different appetites on various days, apparently so does the elusive Chinook. However, when it comes to food, they are still subject to taking whatever bait is at hand as long as it's presented correctly.

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