The History of Frankfort Michigan


Frankfort, MIThere is a small city in Benzie County on the shores of Lake Michigan. It is called Frankfort, a small location that has a population of only about 1300 people. Though it is very close to the lake, it is at 600-foot elevation and is also close to the Betsie River and Reservoir. There is also the Crystal Lake Township that is nearby and is part of northern Michigan. Let's take a look at the history of this small city which has not grown very much over the last 100 years.

What Is The History Of This City?

This started well over 100 years ago, beginning with a group of Jesuit missionaries. It later became known as the town of Frankfort, with its first known settler being Joseph Oliver who started with a small 14 acres.

There was not much to do back then except making money through trapping, hunting, fishing and cutting timber. Once they had built the pier, it became a prime location for ships to deliver merchandise which led to the establishment of the city. Later on, the Crystal Lake Township was organized.

This was back in the 1850s. The general store was developed, and community supervisors were appointed to help build up the community. However, despite being such a beautiful location, the population never really grew to start with about 800 people, it reached a peak of about 1600 people in the 1950s which lasted for three decades, and is now just over 1200 people.

Today, people that visit can take advantage of businesses like Crystalaire Adventures Day Tours which gives people something to do while they are there if they like to go camping. There are also other sports fishing charters which include Slo-Mo-Sean Charter Fishing Tours.

What Is The Climate Like?

The climate in the area is relatively cool reaching a high of 75 degrees Fahrenheit, yet it can reach low temperatures of about 18 degrees. Average snowfall ranges as high as 30 inches in a single month, yet it has very little precipitation in the form of rain.

Points Of Interest At Frankfort Michigan

Built for the many ships that would come to dock, there is the Point Betsie lighthouse. There is another called the Serendipity House which is also right on the water, places that you can visit while you are there. Tourists will also go to Frankfort beach and also Crystal Lake.

There is also the Betsie Valley Trail, and you can even take a charter out onto the waters using the Slo-Mo-Sean Sports Fishing Charters service. Its location is quite far up, at the top of Lake Michigan, close to Traverse City. If you were to head up further, you could cross the waters that divide Lake Michigan and Lake Huron going straight through Mackinaw City.

This is how many people will travel up into Canada on the 75, going straight into Ontario. However, for those that are simply looking for a great place to visit, you should have no problem at all visiting this small city in northern Michigan called Frankfort.

Point Betsie Light House in Frankfort MIRecreational Opportunities And The Economy

Despite its small size, it is a location that is very popular with tourists. In fact, it is considered a tourism hotspot, one that attracts people not only because of Lake Michigan, but the forests, lakes, and rivers that attract people that want to participate in outdoor activities.

For some, it's a great place to go biking, but if you are more into shopping, you can find many local shops and places to get antiques. A significant portion of the economy does come from tourism, some of which will visit because of the Interlochen Center for the Arts and Crystalaire.

Once you have been to this city, you might want to stay for a little while longer. It's a very relaxing location. It's proximity to a multitude of lakes, Lake Michigan, and the beautiful forests motivate people to visit on a regular basis.

It is a great getaway for people that are perhaps in Detroit, Ann Arbor, or Grand Rapids, and a short drive for many individuals in the north Michigan area. It's one of those destinations that you will become fond of. Plan your trip to Frankfort Michigan today.




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